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Win a £750 Argos gift card!

Win a £750 Argos gift card!

Win £750 of Argos Vouchers! Win £750 of Argos Vouchers!Argos has everything for everyone. With a huge variety of goods including large and small electrical appliances, gardening and DIY, furniture, toys, jewellery, sports equipment and kitchenware, you are sure to be spoiled for choice.

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Stem Cell Banking

Storing stem cells from your child's baby teeth could save their life - FREE brochure

Pioneered by BioEden, tooth stem cell banking is safe, natural and wholly non-invasive method of collecting and preserving precious stem cells and which could hold the key to your child's future health. Stem cell treatment using specialist human cells to repair or replace damaged tissues or organs is the cornerstone of future medical science. Children's milk teeth (baby teeth), have been identified as a rich source of these stem cells and have potential to treat some of the worst illnesses and diseases facing people today. Request our FREE brochure today. terms & conditions privacy policy

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