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25th May 2013
Win a John Lewis Apollo II DAB/FM iPod Dock!
Listen to quality audio from your iPod or DAB & FM Radio!
D. Young from Kidderminster, winner of the John Lewis Apollo II DAB/FM iPod Dock

23rd May 2013
Win a Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone!
Grab one of the world's most advanced smartphones.
S. Marchese from Blackburn, winner of the Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone
"Thank you so much - I enter hundreds of competitions a year and am so pleased that I have won!!"

09th May 2013
Win a 2012 Apple TV!
Just plug it in and discover a whole world of films, TV programmes, photos, music and more.
G. Mccallum from Ullapool, winner of the Apple TV
"That's amazing. I never win anything. Thanks very much for selecting me."

12nd July 2013
Win an iPod Shuffle 2GB!
Tiny, stylish and easy-to use, this is the perfect way to bring music with you.
C. Murray from Benfleet, winner of the iPod Shuffle 2GB
"This is amazing, thank you."

21st December 2011
Win an iPhone 4 16Gb Black!
Get our hands on the newest and most desirable gadget from Apple.
Liane O. from Washington, winner of the iPhone 4 16GB Black
"Thank you, this is the first prize I ever won!"

18th November 2011
Win a Sony Bravia HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview!
Grab this hi-tech 32" TV to enjoy HD and Freeview in your own home.
Tim C from Ipswich, winner of the Sony Bravia HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview
"I am gobsmacked to be a winner at last."

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